Using social media in the workplace to communicate
How social media in the workplace can help employees and businesses

9 ways how social media can help companies and employees grow: Potential loss of productivity is the main concern for businesses when it comes to not allowing social media in the workplace. A study on workplace productivity points out that

best to-do list app
Top 8 cloud-based ‘to-do’ apps to stay ahead in 2022

‘To-do’ apps help millions of people save time by organizing their tasks. A study, conducted by the Harvard Business Review, reveals that managers are wasting up to 90% of their valuable time because of poor time management. Another study shows

How connected apps can help companies increase productivity and reduce costs post pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has left a lasting influence on future workplace practices. The outbreak has mandated global businesses to enable their workforces to operate remotely for an extensive period. Organizations have begun to accept the fact that remote working is

Can you be productive when you use Teams for work?

Distractions, Searches Mar Productivity! Covid-19 has forced businesses to quickly adapt to having employees work remote. This rare event in modern times (last pandemic was in 1918) provided a perfect accelerant, albeit with untold human misery, to adopt remote working

business tools for startups
20 best business tools and software for your startup

Here’s a list of the best business tools & software a startup need: Starting a new business is hard. Not only do you need a good product or service idea that fills a gap in the marketplace, you also need

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