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Group Calls in Clariti

Clariti is one of the best free online meeting tools that lets you make and receive unlimited direct and group audio calls.

The Power of Online Collaboration​

Cloud-based online collaboration platform, LyteSpark analysed the average cost involved to travel from the UK to 20 business hubs around the world.​

It then compared these costs with the monthly cost of using its own online meeting platform.​

It found that it could save, on average, $33,200 per year by using online meetings instead of business travel overseas.​

Let us see how Clariti can save you money and make you more productive using its audio/visual technology.​

internal communication tool
internal communication tool

All-in-One App​

All your communications from email, chat, voice calling, cloud documents to social feeds in one app.

No need for additional apps like Zoom for audio calling and screen sharing.​

Integrated Calls​

Calling integrated within the application​

No need to share any link, passcode, meeting id or dial-in number.

Once a group call with participants is scheduled, group members are notified and reminded prior to call​

internal communication tool
internal communication tool

Screen Sharing and Call Notes​

Group calls include screen sharing and note-taking functions

All call notes are shared between participants

Optimizes productivity and collaboration for remote teams.

Other Clariti Call Features​

  • Make and receive unlimited calls
  • No phone line required – use your desktop speaker and mic
  • ‘Missed Call’ indicator for direct calls
  • One-click to join the call – no meeting id or passcode
  • Share your screen with other participants
  • Other participants can maximize or minimize their screen.
  • Automatic call reminders
internal communication tool

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