No Search, No Stress with Clariti Threads!

Due to the rapid proliferation of digital tools organizations are generating huge volumes of information.The cost of searching for information when needed can be very high. IDC data shows that a knowledge worker spends about 2.5 hours per day searching,

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All about Clariti’s AI-powered TopicFolders

In most organizations, communication is scattered across different systems. These communication silos pose challenges when it comes to gathering information about a particular topic. While some tools support email, chat, and video conferencing, the information is still disconnected due to

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Chat 2.0 — A new way to work!

Stress through information silos Geography is no longer a constraint for people to work together. Email, Video Conferencing, Cloud Documents and Chat have made it very easy to share information and have conversations in real-time as if you are working

How to cut down your cost of communication using TopicFolders

As organizations continue to generate tons of information, the cost of searching for information can be very high. IDC data shows that the knowledge worker spends about 2.5 hours per day, or roughly 30% of the workday, searching for information.

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How Clariti Threads allow flexible online conversations at work

The Advent of Chat Channels How Clariti handles group chat Unintended Consequences of Chat Channels Imagine a sales manager invites a team of his account executives and a technical manager to a meeting via chat. The intent of the meeting

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Stressed by search! Clariti TopicFolders to the rescue.

Email is where it began Add Documents to the mix Chats, Cloud, Social Feeds… where does it end Enter Clariti TopicFolders Sign Up for Clariti Now! X Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin

Let’s talk about TopicFolders, baby!

So, what is a TopicFolder anyway? Okay, so I get Threads. But how’s the Clariti Thread any different? Fair question. But something that has deep implications for us…and you. For us, the response to this is our raison d’être. For

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Set the context with Threads

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How Threads can make your work flow!

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