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Here's a list of the best business tools & software a startup needs:

Starting a new business is hard. Not only do you need a good product or service idea that fills a gap in the marketplace, you also need financial support and the right team to pull it off. Fortunately, there is one thing that is easy. Using the right tools to ideate, plan, develop, market and analyze your business. There are also tools to keep count of the big bucks you will make as you succeed. In this blog we have shared the best business tools that a startup needs in 2021.


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Canvanizer is a tool to collaborate, and ideate with team members all over the world using canvas templates. You can develop your ideas by posting them on a business model canvas, you can brainstorm with your team by sharing the canvas online, you can define your business strategy using templates.


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Squarespace offers tools to build web sites without any previous coding or web design experience. They offer an easy-to-use web site builder that includes templates for all types of small businesses. They also include support to sell products online, and starting a blog.


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If the primary focus of your business is ecommerce then Shopify may be a better choice. Shopify helps you create an ecommerce website backed by powerful tools that help you find customers, drive sales and manage your day-to-day. You can easily turn your retail store to an online store and keep serving customers without missing a beat. They also offer Shopify experts who can help you get setup if you are so inclined.


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Sproutsocial is an all-in-one solution for social media marketing. Using tools built in Sproutsocial you can understand and reach your audience, engage your community and measure performance. You can monitor your social media feeds and engage your visitors, you can plan and publish your social media posts, you can report and analyze the performance of your campaigns.

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Sendinblue is a powerful tool for email marketing. You can create slick email marketing campaigns with targeted messages, track your responses to see the effectiveness of the campaigns, automating campaigns and much more.


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Slideshare is a slide hosting service that allows users to upload presentations either privately or publicly. The slide decks can be viewed on the site or can be embedded on other slides. Slideshows are a great way to promote your product reviews. SlideShare presentations rank pretty well in Google. Using the right keywords will give you the best possible chance of getting spotted.

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Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps you communicate effectively and ensures that everything you write is clear and understood. Grammarly organizes your writing feedback by theme, so you can see how each change will help your readers better understand your message. Get corrections from Grammarly while you write on Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all your other favorite sites.


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Create online courses and coaching services. Transform your experience and know-how into a thriving online knowledge business. Teachable is a very easy-to-use platform with tools to create and sell online courses stress free without any tech skills.

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Luckyorange is a web site analysis tool that shows you how many people are on your site, how they found you, what they do on the site click-by-click. Luckyorange automatically creates a recording of every visitor to your website. Quickly filter and segment recordings so you can see exactly why visitors are not converting.


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All startups need to keep track of the money they spend and receive. QuickBooks is the best accounting software for startups. Start with QuickBooks Online. As you grow you can quickly and easily move to QuickBooks Desktop, which has more robust functionality and is capable of handling a complex, multi-million-dollar company.

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Clariti is a business productivity web app that brings your emails, chat, calls, to-dos, documents and social feeds in one app and automatically links related items in a TopicFolder. TopicFolders add topic-centric organization to your communications so you are never lost or waste time searching for information. TopicFolders in Clariti allows you to easily see the big picture and make informed decisions. Clariti is ideal for small and medium businesses to boost team collaboration and drive productivity.

Focus is Key

As a startup it is very important to be disciplined and focused on goals. While there are many unknowns and sometimes pivots are needed, without a disciplined approach it is very easy to get distracted and start too many initiatives at the same time. The tools referenced in this blog can help you achieve your objectives with measurable accomplishments and efficiency.


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