Whether your company has two employees or two hundred employees, it is critical that you practice effective team collaboration and have an internal communication strategy for business in place. If your company doesn’t stress collaboration, you may have a difficult time competing in our increasingly interconnected world.

In this article, we will examine why collaboration is important for businesses and outline some of the best ways to implement effective team collaboration strategies in your business.

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Why is team collaboration important for success in business?

Information gathered from studies conducted throughout workplaces over the years provide great insight into how important effective team collaboration is to the viability of a business:

Profitability tends to increase with collaborative efforts: A study found that companies who report using effective team collaboration in their business saw roughly 20% improvement in profit.

Nearly 3/4 of workers attribute success to effective team collaboration: Many individuals believe that collaboration should be emphasized and should be a part of every internal communication strategy for businesses.

A lack of communication leads to increased stress: Nearly 80% of employees surveyed in one study reported that they felt stressed when effective team collaboration strategies were not implemented.

These statistics become even more important when one considers that many employees are now working in a fully remote or hybrid setting. These work environments require companies to implement strategies different than those utilized in an in-person office setting.

Therefore, we will next examine some of the best ways that businesses can practice effective team collaboration, whether they are operating in-person or remotely.

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Best strategies to incorporate effective team collaboration in your business

In order to improve collaboration in a company, workers need to trust their employers and vice versa. The following list provides some suggestions on how to increase trust and collaboration in your business.

  • Have a clear internal communication strategy for business in place. All members of a company desire transparency. There is nothing that will decrease trust and collaboration more than a feeling that something is being hidden from employees.
  • Encourage casual ice-breakers and get-togethers before projects start. Often, if employees just have a chance to get to know one another, they will develop a level of mutual respect, which in turn leads to trust and improved collaboration.
  • Encourage all team members to provide constructive feedback. Your internal communication strategy for business should include an element of how feedback is given and received. Sometimes, workers may have no idea if their work is of high or low quality until they get feedback from a peer or a superior. The same goes for management strategies and how they are being received by employees. Effective team collaboration requires feedback in many forms.
  • Set obvious goals. Every project manager should outline stepwise, specific goals that should be achieved at clear times throughout the course of the project. This way, if there are ever questions about what needs to be done, all a member of the team needs to do is refer back to the goals established at the start of the project.

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