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Communication has made significant progress since the beginning days of the internet. Whether you want to make a call to your family, increase productivity with coworkers or send a simple text message to a friend on the other side of the world, communication is easier and free. While many apps will help you connect, the costs for some aren’t worth it. As many people find themselves working from home, voice calling needs to be cost-effective and efficient.

Here are the 20 best free tools for calling for your business

1. Clariti

Clariti is one of the best free calling apps for business that lets you call your team members from within the chat for a hybrid communication experience. Along with audio calls, you can also do instant messaging and screen-sharing on your PC with other Clariti users. You don’t have to install an additional app. You can make calls to other Clariti users without generating any meeting id or passcode. You don’t have to dial-in any number, and you can use your desktop speaker and mic for the calls. You will be notified of any missed calls through ‘Missed Call’ indicator. Along with audio calls, you can also do instant messaging and screen-sharing on your PC.

Clariti is a relatively new app that has been steadily gaining popularity among small businesses and the startup community especially in the technology and media markets. The key reason Clariti has been seeing so much of recent success is that it not only brings all your team communication viz. chats, emails, calls, to-dos, documents…in one app, but also automatically links related items in a “Workspace”. Workspace adds topic-centric organization to your communications, so you are never lost or waste time searching for information.

2. Viber

Viber is more than a smartphone app; but also works directly on your PC. This free calling app for pc offers numerous calling and messaging features. You can choose voice or video calls, especially if you need a face-to-face call. Group chats and calls are also possible with Viber. If you insist on expressing yourself, stickers and GIFs will be at your disposal, plus you can create your own for a more customized experience. While many will use this from their smartphone, you can sync it will your PC to transfer all your calls. They offer end-to-end encryption for all your voice and text messages.

3. Skype

Skype is a recognizable name in the world of VoIP software. This free calling app for pc offers a free plan that can be perfect for individuals needing it for personal use or a small business that needs to keep up with others. Skype has long been able to allow you to connect to anyone from anywhere. Calls can be made to a person’s mobile phone and their landline. It also allows for sending text messages with end-to-end encryption so you can rest assured your conversations are private. You can use it on a multitude of devices like your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

4. Jitsi

If you’re a small business and need video message services, you may want to consider Jitsi. This free calling app for pc is an open-source tool that allows video conferencing for both your smartphone and PC. It allows for live streaming and recording. It’s simple, secure, and scalable for when your business gets bigger.

5. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is relatively widespread and offers a free plan. It’s easy to use whether you’re talking with one person or a group of people. Some of its great features are voice and video calls, chat, video conferencing, multimedia messaging, events, and live-streaming meetings. You can connect with up to ten people around the world. The free plan does limit you to ten users for a video call or one hundred users for a chat session. It’s excellent for individuals, freelancers, and even small businesses.

6. Simple Phone Co

Simple Phone Co is a cloud-based business VoIP solution for small to midsize businesses. Key features include automatic call distribution, call recording, conference calling, auto attendant, internet fax, softphone and SIP trunking. Simple Phone Co includes a drag-and-drop call flow manager to configure service features. Users can add and edit an unlimited number of users, devices and groups regardless of plan size. Voicemail can be set up to be delivered to phones, smartphones and email, and faxes can be sent and received through email. Users can build custom conference call bridges utilizing unused lines. Mobile phones can also be added to the platform, and users can access the phone system, dial extensions and mask caller ID from any other phone.

7. Zoom

Zoom Phone is a VoIP solution designed to help businesses in education, finance, healthcare and government sectors connect and communicate with team members on a unified interface. It offers a central administrator portal, allowing managers to modify phone numbers, view call details and monitor call quality. The platform supports an advanced encryption standard (AES) 256-bit algorithm that lets teams secure voice calls and media across various session initiation protocol (SIP) devices. Zoom Phone enables administrators to transfer, forward, record, block and hold calls using Android and iOS mobile applications. Additionally, teams can switch between voice and video conferencing, manage call queues and secure login via single sign-on.

Zoom Phone lets businesses integrate the system with several third-party applications such as Google Drive, Salesforce, SharePoint, Slack and more. Pricing is based on monthly and annual subscriptions and support is extended via FAQs, help center, training videos and other online measures.

8. Conference Call

Conference Call is a solution for small businesses. It includes features such as call recording, playback, break-out rooms, chat, attendee polling, detailed reporting, and more. Using the solution’s Call Manager tool, users can send meeting invites using Outlook or Google calendar via integrated scheduling. Multiple accounts can be managed and calls may be scheduled for others as needed. Users can click on a link within a meeting invite to join a call, dial in, or join through desk phones using VoIP. This solution also offers waiting rooms that display custom messages for meeting participants. Conference calls can be hosted from any location and mobile apps are available for iOS and Android devices.

9. Fastcall

Fastcall is a “powered by Twilio” CTI solution for phone, video, SMS, and mobile that is 100% dedicated to and built for Salesforce. Fastcall helps businesses using Salesforce sell faster and close more deals by eliminating manual sales tasks and seamlessly capturing both inbound and outbound phone and SMS data directly into Salesforce. Fastcall is compatible with Salesforce Mobile and offers video and screen share capabilities. Callme is the only product in the Salesforce AppExchange that allows users to automate phone calls to Salesforce web-to-lead form submissions. Intercall, its latest release, creates an easier way to track a team’s internal and video communication by logging and recording team member phone and video calls in Salesforce, among other convenient features.

10. Splunk On-Call

Splunk On-Call (formerly VictorOps) is a cloud-based help desk solution that enables businesses to manage on-call schedules and rotation of roles for resolving incidents. Key features include alerts/notifications, chat, activity dashboard, collaboration, and event tracking. Designed for organizations of all sizes, VictorOps comes with a tool to manage tasks assigned to teams and query escalation based on customizable policies. Its visibility module enables users to view records of all conversations, alerts, and actions and update stakeholders on changes. Additionally, the solution lets users report and gain insights into the time taken by teams to resolve incidents.

Splunk On-Call allows integration with various third-party applications such as JIRA, Zendesk, Slack, Salesforce Sales Cloud, HipChat, and ServiceNow. Mobile applications for Android and iOS devices are offered to remotely manage business activities.

11. FusionWorks

FusionWorks Business Phone Services is a comprehensive cloud phone service for businesses of any size that is suitable for remote teams. It allows businesses to equip employees with a complete hosted PBX solution with HD voice quality. With over 50 calling features, it is designed to streamline communication and collaboration for businesses.

With FusionWorks Business Phone Service are also offered in combination with Unified Communications software, supporting today’s work-from-anywhere collaboration needs. Employees have one-click video calling/conferencing features to connect with other individuals, teams, or your trading partners. Productivity-enhancing tools include instant messaging, presence status, screen and file sharing, whiteboarding, shared spaces and more. Get one-phone number inbound and outbound calling across devices; and take advantage of the numerous hosted voice calling features, such as call forwarding/routing, visual voicemail, call recording, auto attendant, sequential ring, and others.

12. Message Launch

Message Launch is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses communicate with external and internal stakeholders through email and text messages. The platform allows organizations to send custom messages to customers on a monthly, daily or weekly basis using drip campaigns.

Message Launch includes auto-response functionality, which lets marketing teams configure automated responses using keywords to reply to customer queries and notify about specific events. It offers a host of features such as shuffle responder, embeddable forms, two-way messages, appointment reminders, click-through tracking and more. Additionally, marketers can create personalized sign-up pages with custom fields, logos, themes and colours to capture customer details like name, phone number, profession, email, birthday and interests.

Message Launch allows enterprises to send bulk email and text messages and maintain a contact database for future reference.

13. Trillian

As a business and HIPAA-compliant clinical instant messaging solution, Trillian streamlines and centralizes employee communication across organizations without losing track of a single conversation. With disk-level, file-level, and TLS 1.2+ encryption, Trillian makes sure that all communication is secure when data is in transit or at rest. Key features include instant messaging, group chats, document and image sharing, landline messaging, and notifications and alerts.

Trillian centralizes and stores all groups chat messages, which helps organizations build a shared knowledge center for new and current employees. Users can track multiple conversations by using presence and unread indicators to determine which conversation is most important. In addition to messaging, users can also send emojis, images, voice clips, and documents with Trillian’s messaging system. Trillian is available for mobile devices via iOS and Android apps.

14. FireText

The FireText platform provides businesses with a communication platform to reach out to both customers and staff. SMS is an ideal tool as it provides businesses with an instant and direct communication tool to customers. Statistics show that on average 98% of your delivered messages will be read by your recipients and as such once you send your message you can almost be sure that it will be read.

Using the FireText platform you can sign up and start sending your SMS messages instantly, on a bulk or individual basis. As such it makes it suitable for both marketing campaigns and transactional messaging.

15. B2Chat

B2Chat is a Web App Platform that enables businesses of all sizes to connect with customers via instant messaging to a variety of channels including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, and LiveChat. The platform enables organizations to respond to customers on a unified site and analyze details of interactions.

B2Chat includes automatization bots, which lets companies reply to every single message instantly and measure client satisfaction. It allows users to analyze conversations in real-time and stats such as response time rates. Additionally, agents can use tags to label customer profiles and group themselves in teams called “departments”. B2Chat simplifies sales and customer service via instant messaging. It is available for monthly subscriptions and offers support via email and an online support center.

16. Office Chat

Office Chat is a cloud-based HIPAA-compliant instant messaging solution for small and midsize businesses across various industry verticals. It provides collaboration and communication tools that can be used in the office or remotely. Key features include auto-login, delivery confirmation, automatic notifications, priority messages, automatic deletion of messages and more. Users can create multiple user groups, assign role-based group permissions, search chat histories and files and broadcast messages across an organization.

Office Chat allows users to configure message and file retention. It also features security features such as two-factor authentication, data encryption, security logs and ISO 27001 compliant data storage. The solution also offers mobile functionalities for iOS and Android devices that allow users to remotely access the solution.

17. Cisco Jabber

Cisco Jabber is a unified communication software solution designed to facilitate the collaboration and communication needs of any business. With Jabber, users are able to utilize video and voice conferencing, messaging, and screen sharing capabilities on any mobile device such as iPhone or Ipad to work anytime, anywhere. Jabber includes instant messaging, voice calls, video calls, voice messaging, desktop sharing, an XMPP client and more.

Jabber offers additional features such as multilingual support, an integrated Cisco phone line and Cisco unified communications manager integration for manageable call control and session management. Jabber also includes bot framework to help businesses automatically send and receive messages, handle active chats and answer incoming calls. Jabber’s pricing is available on-demand and can also be purchased from Cisco or any Cisco partner. Jabber is available as a mobile app for any iOS or Android device.

18. SendPulse

SendPulse is a cloud-based marketing solution that allows users to manage email, text messaging and push notifications through a single platform. It is suitable for small and midsize businesses. SendPulse’s email features allows users to set up emails with a drag-and-drop editor and ready-made templates. Users can check the performance of their email campaigns with A/B testing tools. SendPulse also provides email servers with reputed IP addresses to help ensure email delivery. Users can send instant and personalized notifications to customers’ devices using the SendPluse push notification feature. SendPulse’s text messaging service allows users to send messages to more than 200 countries. The messaging service can send texts automatically based on a user-defined schedule. Predictive analytics tools help determine when to message clients.

19. Anywhere's

Connect anytime, anywhere with colleagues using Anywhere’s mobile and desktop collaboration app. Whether working from home or in the office, is designed to connect teams in one virtual setting using integrated collaboration tools. Features include 1:1 or group messaging through PCs, file-sharing, status update feed, real-time notifications, and more. allows users to connect via 1:1 messaging or through group channels. With instant messaging capabilities, users can also send emotes to proactively react without sending additional messages and files to collaborate on any task. For remote work, recreates the office setting by allowing users to share their status and availability using a shared status feed. Additionally, users can utilize Teleport. Video integration to schedule 1:1 video calls or group calls. is available for desktop and iOS/Android compatible mobile devices.

20. Yammer

Yammer is a private cloud-based social network that enables employees to collaborate across departments, locations, content and business applications. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes. Yammer is available either as a standalone product or along with Microsoft 365. Yammer enables the creation and joining of private and public groups for small-team collaboration along with instant sharing of important updates within a group. Yammer offers a mobile application for iOS and Android devices that provides employees an opportunity to collaborate and review documents anywhere and anytime. The system also offers a user community, known as the Yammer Community Network, which provides answers to various user queries. Yammer’s group navigation panel allows users to switch between projects and team groups.

Other key features of Yammer are enterprise microblogging, private messaging, Microsoft 365 integration, company directory, archives conversations, high-level security and message and content tagging.


Free calling apps and messages for PC apps have become popular among teams, mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic and businesses working remotely. Small businesses and startups see a constant need for free tools that provide team messaging and calling features. No matter your need for a free call or team messaging tool for your PC, those mentioned above will help you. Some do have paid plans if you need to scale your business or want more people to chat with. There are more out there but finding one that offers excellent security and protects your data is of utmost importance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Clariti is one of the best free calling apps that allows you to make calls to other Clariti users using its integrated VoIP calling. Using Clariti, you can make one-to-one direct calls or group calls to other Clariti users. When you make calls from Clariti, you don’t need to generate a meeting id or passcode. You don’t have to dial-in any number, and you can use your desktop speaker and mic for the calls.

Google Voice is one of the best calling apps for PC that allows you to make calls to landlines and mobile numbers, especially from a computer. With Google Voice, you will receive a free phone number with which you can make calls to any number within the US. However, if you don’t wish to call any landline or mobile, you can use an app like Messenger, Microsoft Teams, Clariti etc. that allows free and unlimited voice calling over the internet.

Clariti is one of the best free calling apps that allows you to make calls to other Clariti users using its integrated VoIP calling. Using Clariti, you can make one-to-one direct calls or group calls to other Clariti users. When you make calls from Clariti, you don’t need to generate a meeting id or passcode. You don’t have to dial-in any number, and you can use your desktop speaker and mic for the calls.

Clariti is one of the best messaging apps for PC. Unlike other messaging tools, in Clariti, there are no chat channels. There is no need to constantly track all the chats in the channels. Any Clariti user can start a group chat and add members as needed. Existing members can be removed and new members added based on the conversation flow. This way users are alerted to join a chat only when necessary.

Clariti is one of the best team messaging apps that let users send either direct or group messages to other Clariti users. Unlike other messaging tools, in Clariti there are no chat channels. There is no need to constantly track all the chats in the channels. Any Clariti user can start a group chat and add members as needed. Existing members can be removed and new members added based on the conversation flow. This way, users are alerted to join a chat only when necessary.

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