Clariti is the perfect collaboration software solution to connect your workforce via the web, video, or virtual conferencing. The software combines your daily digital activities, including email, chat, online document storage, and social media, in one unified application. Threads is the USP of Clariti, which provides an automatic context-based connection between your individual messages. The software helps in storing information that can be searched quickly, eliminating information silos. Further, the solution simplifies tedious work and saves time for businesses to do something more productive.

Its unique features and out-of-the-box solutions have resulted in Clariti being placed amongst the Top 10+ Collaboration Software In 2021 at SoftwareWorld.

SoftwareWorld is a fast developing research and review platform that inspects various software based on three parameters. The parameters are Client review, Social presence, and Quality. Every software must pass in all three parameters to get a leading position.

The SoftwareWorld Review team has recognized and listed Clariti software among leading collaboration software using the same research process.

Impressive Clariti features

  • Support for multiple email boxes
  • Subject-based chats with unlimited participants
  • Make and receive unlimited audio calls.
  • Alerts with snooze
  • Event scheduling
  • Fully secured and encrypted communication
  • Unlimited storage
  • Automatic Backup
  • Documents preserved for eternity
  • Global data access

Clariti Software has been built on the following parameters:

1. Cloud Storage Integration

  • Integrated direct access to files and folders
  • User-controlled access permission

2. Viewers

  • Global access
  • Supports commonly used document formats
  • Supports all CAD formats

3. Search

  • System-wide search
  • Saves search history

4. Safety and security

  • Encrypted communication and data storage
  • It is hosted on amazon web services.

Why Choose Clariti Software?

1. Cost-effective:

Clariti provides the ultimate communication solution for startups and small businesses for a nominal fee of $6 per user/month

2. High-end Productivity:

Since all of your related conversations are connected, you won’t have to scroll to find a single message or document. Threads eliminate search time, making your workflow more smooth.

3. All-in-one software:

Many organizations rely on multiple tools to carry out their communication. For example, a calendar app, a chatting app, a video conferencing app, etc. Clariti makes it possible to do all of this in one interface, making work more enjoyable.

4. Chat with users of other software:

Usually, you will only be able to chat with people if they have the software you’re using. But, on Clariti, you can communicate with users of other chatting software using the OrbitChat function. Simply enter their email id to start conversing.

5. Solves remote working issues

It is crucial to stay connected while your team is working remotely. Clariti offers the best platform to connect with your co-workers and keep the team running like a well-oiled machine.

Clariti Software Pricing

Initially, the software is free to use, and users can easily upgrade when they need advanced features. Pricing divides into three ways-

1. Free $0

  • Document viewing through 5 formats
  • Search 30 days history
  • No cloud storage integrations
  • The context-based calendar is available for 30 days

2. Basic $6 per user/per month

  • Document viewing through 10 formats
  • Search 60 days history
  • One cloud storage integrations
  • The context-based calendar is available for 60 days

3. Premium

  • Unlimited Document viewer formats
  • Search lifetime history
  • Unlimited cloud storage integrations
  • The context-based calendar is available forever

What Users Like About Clariti Software?

Reviews play a significant role in decision-making. They make the selection process easy and help to build trust. SoftwareWorld presents an unbiased summary of the user reviews given directly from the Clariti software users.

The most liked feature of Clariti is the threads. Users claim it helps them save their time and reduces the load, making work hassle-free. Due to this collaboration software, united teams are able to get more done in less time. Further, a lot of users saw an increase in their productivity rates as employees were now able to focus on the big picture.

Decision-making capability was more immediate after using Clariti software. Users also regarded software as extremely cost-effective. They say Clariti was a blessing to them when offices were pushed into remote work due to the pandemic. Clariti was the tool that helped them stay connected. It made work more efficient and thus increased productivity. Clariti acted as a connective tunnel for them.

Overall Performance of Clariti At SoftwareWorld

It would be right to say that a Collaboration software like Clariti is the need of the hour. As we know that, Covid-19 has forced people to work from home. It is difficult for organizations to keep in touch with their employees. A problem like this can be solved using software like Clariti, which helps to collaborate data/chats and offers a platform to store and manage information safely.

The software handles the purpose of connectivity and ensures an increase in productivity by saving a lot of time and energy. These features of Clariti qualifies it to be a leading collaboration software.

About SoftwareWorld:

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