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15 reasons why you should be using a ‘connected app’ like Clariti to improve your business communication

A connected app is a SaaS-based platform that integrates diverse communication tools like emails, chats, social feeds, events, calendar, meetings, cloud storage, and file viewers in one place. Since these applications are hosted in the cloud, they are accessible to

importance of effective communication in business
Why business communication is critical to your company’s success and tips to improve them

For organizations, effective business communication is critical for their employees to perform their duties and responsibilities efficiently. Free and uninterrupted business communication in a company has a positive impact on the overall business, like reduced stress, lower employee turnover, increased

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33 awesome business communication tools and checklist to choose them

The importance of business communications in the workplace is growing by the day due to the pandemic and consequent growth of remote work. The emergence of remote work and dispersed workforce is forcing many organizations to do a complete rethink

internal communication tool
25 Best Internal Communication Tools and Strategies for 2022

Internal communication helps employees connect with the vision and goals of the organization and improve employee engagement, motivation, focus, enthusiasm and overall productivity of the company. Effective internal communication produces happy, effective, productive employees that positively contribute to organizational growth.

internal communication tool
New rules for modern workplace collaboration: It’s time to look for Slack, Microsoft Teams’ alternatives

When the pandemic forced companies all over the world to allow their employees to work from home, remote work had a big moment. Companies were under sudden pressure to give employees access to all the tools they’d need to work

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Best productivity tips, technology trends and latest tools for small businesses

Many small businesses use different tools to accomplish various business activities. These tools are often not connected and given the level of information being generated on a daily basis, this results in information and communication silos. Small businesses need an

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