Evolution of Digital Work – from Windows to the Cloud

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of Cloud technologies for most digital work. Armed with a browser and an internet connection anyone can access their apps and data no matter where they are located. While this has empowered many

increase productivity of your workday
TopicFolders can add more productive hours to your workday

We all will agree that ‘findability’ is an important aspect of our digital work. Anybody should be able to find anything (files, emails, spreadsheets, ppts etc) in just a few seconds. Wasting time in searching for information will have an

internal communication tool
Organizing your communication in folders just got easier!

You will understand the pain of a disorganized system only when you’ve been in an embarrassing position of not being able to find a file when the customer calls or when requested by your CPA on the last day of

Tips to make your communication app less annoying at work
10 Tips to make your communication app less annoying at work

Here are some tips to make your communication apps less annoying: Due to the pandemic and consequent growth of remote work, there is a widespread use of communication apps. Slack and Microsoft Teams dominate this category. These apps include features

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