working from home tips productivity
How companies can make WFH easier for their employees

Effective apps to make WFH easier Not seeing anyone but your housemates for an extended period of time is not a lot of fun. Sadly though, this is how many have been living for close to 9 months now. During

Best ideal productivity apps for business

Remote working has become the way of life for many recently. And while a lot of people have already adjusted themselves to this new-normal, many others are just getting settled in. There have been two major problems identified with having

Top 5 apps for startups to boost their productivity

Have you ever caught yourself packing your day with more than you can handle? And then you are so overwhelmed; you don’t get around to doing anything! This happens mostly due to improper time management. Well, thanks to technology and

how to improve productivity in the workplace
5 tips to make your workday as productive as possible

Productivity this. Productivity that. Have you seen this word flaunted around recently? Why has this become a buzz word all the sudden? Yes, I know that the internet has no lack of blogs about how to improve productivity of employees,

multitasking skills in the workplace
7 tips to get your multitasking skills down to a tee

Multitasking is a skill that is demanded in every facet of life. Are you a student? You will need to multitask with your education and all of your extracurriculars. If you’re a parent, you will be forced to tend to

Experience the power of ‘connected apps’ using Clariti

Every organization generates hundreds and thousands of conversations through many disconnected apps like emails, chats, and social feeds. It may get overwhelming to keep all the information organized and quickly accessible when needed. Consequently, important information gets lost and communication

workplace collaboration tools
Boost your workplace collaboration with digital tools

Our workplace dynamics are changing rapidly and now we are in a digital age where 91% of the workforce feel they are more productive when they work from home. According to an Alfresco survey, nearly 83% of working professionals believe

saas productivity tools for remote works
5 must-have SaaS-based productivity tools for remote teams

COVID-19 has initiated ‘the world’s largest work from home project’ and companies are doing everything in their capacity to maintain the same level of efficiency and productivity during this difficult phase. Companies are turning to software as a service (SaaS)

common email mistakes in the workplace
5 mistakes you must avoid while emailing!

Common email mistakes in the workplace Emailing has been a leading form of business communication for years, and it’s far from obsolete. Employers and coworkers still rely on a trustworthy system for sharing and storing important information. You need to

how to increase social media visibility
How to maximize your social media reach

Social media is a game that we all play. We post certain content to appeal to specific audiences, panic if our posts get less likes than usual, and try everything in our power to maximize the reach of our accounts.

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